Build Your Own 3 Pound Create Your Own Assortment

1. Browse your favorite chocolates
44 chocolates with eight options to choose's all up to you!

2. Select Weight (1/4 lb. increments)
Select up to 3.0 lbs of the chocolates of your choice by increments of 1/4 lbs.

3. Add to Cart
Once your box is full, you can add your custom box of chocolates to your cart!

Gremlin Milk Chocolate
Gremlin Dark Chocolate
Milk Peanut Gremlin
Choc; Choc Pecan Caramels Milk
Choc; Chocolate Caramels Dark
Choc; Chocolate Caramels Milk
Choc; Marsh Pecan Caramels Milk
Choc; Pure Cream Caramels
Choc; Pure Cream Pecan Caramels
Choc; Sea Salt Caramels Dark
Choc; Sea Salt Caramels Milk
Choc; Truffle ,Chocolate, Dark
Choc; Truffles, Chocolate, Milk
Choc; Truffles, Rum,Milk
Choc; Truffles, Espresso. Milk
Choc; Truffles, Raspberry, Milk
Choc; Truffles, Cherry, Milk
Choc; Truffles, Champagne, Milk
Choc; Truffles, Amaretto, Milk
Choc; Truffles, Vanilla, Milk
Choc; Truffles, Mint, Dark
English Almond Toffee
Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials
Milk Chocolate Toffee Chips
Dark Chocolate Butter Cream
Milk Chocolate Butter Cream
Dark Chocolate Chocolate Butter Cream
Milk Chocolate Chocolate Butter Cream
Dark Chocolate Maple Cream
Milk Chocolate Maple Cream
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream
Milk Chocolate Raspberry Cream
Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cream
Milk Chocolate Vanilla Cream