About Us

Since 1938, Betty Jane Candies has been providing Iowans with the finest in homemade chocolates and candies. Our journey began in Dubuque Iowa which is still home to our main office today. We also have a 2nd Dubuque location in Warren Plaza and another store at 1468 Twixt Town Rd in Collins Rd. Square located in Marion Iowa. Although Iowa is home to all three locations, Betty Jane Candies has fans all over the world. We ship our products coast to coast and have even received orders from overseas! We’ve set up this website for our friends who do not live near our stores for quick and easy online ordering. Our customers can also reach us by phone at 1-800-642-1254.

Betty Jane Candies has been family owned and operated since 1938 and we consider our loyal customers to be part of that family. “Like” us on facebook and follow our page, at www.facebook.com/bettyjanecandies, we've been known to randomly pick from our list of friends to receive free candy!


-2014 Academy Awards Gift Bag
-2017 Grammy® Awards Gift Bag
-Multiple "Best of" winner
-Innovator of the year finalist
-One of the top culinary gifts in the nation -People Magazine
-One of the top chocolate shops in the nation -Taste of Home