Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What's a Gremlin?

A. Gremlins are our version of the popular "Turtle" confection. We use local Select Topper Pecans paired with our Homemade Caramel and covered in our special blend of chocolate. Our best seller!

Q. I want to purchase some chocolate for a gift but the event is a ways off...How should I store my chocolate?

A. Chocolate is a remarkable food with a surprisingly long shelf life when stored in the correct conditions. Ideally, chocolate should be stored between 55-68 degrees in low humidity (under 50%.) In those conditions, you should be able to enjoy your chocolates for months (if you can stand to wait that long!)

Q. Can chocolate be shipped in the mail?

A. Yes! We send our products all over the Country and even overseas! When shipping chocolate, keep in mind that heat is not a friend of chocolate. We recommend that you ship using overnight or 2nd day shipping during warmer months or to a warm destination.