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Happy Holidays From Betty Jane Candies!

The holiday season is upon us!

Check out our online store (you’re here!) or any of our 3 brick and mortar locations for exciting holiday products and gift ideas including Rum Balls and assorted Brittle!


3049 Asbury rd and 3500 Dodge St in Dubuque, Iowa and 1468 Twixt Town Rd in Cedar Rapids/Marion Iowa.

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As you browse our selection of delicious confections, you may notice a few new products!  We’ve been busy developing some new offerings and they have been very, very popular! We’re very excited to see how these do at their first major holiday!

First we have our new Betty’s Bites, a pretzel thin splashed with caramel, covered in Milk Chocolate and hand sprinkled with Sea Salt!


Next up is a healthy option. Our version of the classic trail mix! The main difference is we use Betty Jane Chocolate Covered Nuts in place of m&ms!


Lastly we have our new Gremlin Candy Bars. This has been our most successful product launch ever! The response we’ve received to these bars has been amazing! Add one to you cart today!