New Betty Jane Snack Line now available!

Ever been gifted some Betty Jane Candies and thought to yourself, gee this is great stuff and a wonderful gift! I just wish there was a less costly snack option to satisfy  my every day cravings? Well now there is!

Introducing the new Betty Jane Candies Snack Line! Available now at all of our retail stores, online and select wholesalers!

Gremlin Candy Bars: Our most popular product…Now in bar form! $1.99

gremlin bar

Betty’s Bites: Pretzel Crisps paired with our Gremlin Caramel, covered in our special blend of milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt! Available in both a 14oz ($8.99) and 6oz ($3.99) resealable snack bag!


Gremlin Snackers: Little Gremlins in a resealable snack bag! Available in 14oz ($11.99) and 6oz ($4.99) resealable snack bag!