Personalized Gremlin Wedding Boxes

    Personalized Gremlin Wedding Boxes

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    Weight: 78.13 pounds

    Product Description

    The gremlin is our signature and most popular piece at Betty Jane Candies. Topper Pecans and our homemade caramel covered in Betty Jane's special blend of chocolate.

    Our personalized boxes include a gold or silver foiled imprint featuring the wedding couples names, and a double heart image (choose one color per order.)

    Four box color options are available : White, Silver, Gold, and Red.
    (Choose 1 color per order)

    Minimum order for this item is 100 boxes.

    Choose the number or boxes you would like using the drop down menu (100-400 boxes.) This is the number of boxes for your order. Then choose the qty of orders (example, qty 1 = # of boxes you chose from the drop down menu. Qty 2 would mean 2 orders of the amount of boxes you chose from the drop down menu.)

    **Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom packaging to be created and order to be filled**

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